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Why Are You Still Checking Your Own Email? (And Other Things You Can Delegate)

It can be overwhelming to decide to delegate, even if you have a VA, you can get held back by the thoughts, "it's just faster if I do it myself", "I don't know what to give them", "it's too complicated to delegate".

I've created a simple 4 step method that can get the mess out of your head and on paper so you know exactly what can be removed from your to-do list:

  1. List the tasks that are on your plate right now, then prioritize them based on the following filters: how well they align with your main focus, how much time they take you, have positive ROI, how important and/or urgent they are, and how much you dislike doing them.

  2. Eliminate the tasks that are the lowest priority. If they are not in alignment with your main focus, take a ton of time, have low ROI, are not important or urgent, and you hate doing them? Uh yeah, remove those.

  3. Automate the tasks that do not need to be done manually. Often these are email follow ups and reminders, data entry, backing up files, etc.

  4. Delegate the tasks that are high priority but do not to be done by you. If you need to hire a VA to take over these tasks, here's a refresher about how. (Don't forget to include a simple process when you delegate these tasks).

Don't get lost in the weeds, learn to LEAD.

💡 Don't delegate what you can automate, don't automate what you can eliminate, and don't eliminate before you list.

Try it out and let me know how it goes.

Here's to you getting Time Rich, Summer


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