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Work with Summer

Is your curiosity piqued? Here are some ways we can work together to ensure you have the right people in the right roles, working on the right things.



1:1 Leadership Consulting Call

I'm here to answer your specific management and organization questions to get you out of the weeds and in your Zone of Genius and Joy.


90 Day Organization Overhaul

Together we'll create your Responsibilities Chart, identify your Core Values, document expectations and metrics for each role, create a hire, fire, and review plan for each needed role, and design a role out plan to save you countless bad hires and months of misaligned priorities.


1-Day Organization Maximization Intensive

Together, we'll create a detailed bird's eye view organization chart with a twist. It's completely focused on the key responsibilities of your organization and which role owns each responsibility THEN team members are assigned so we can optimize your organization.


On-going Management Mentorship

As you roll out the plans we created together, I'm with you in your corner every step of the way with management mentorship to navigate every conversation and each process you roll out.

When Summer entered into the picture, she immediately showed me the power of accountability and how having somebody from the outside of my business just take a bird’s eye view and look down and ask a lot of questions that I’m not able to ask myself because I’m so in the weeds every day... I feel like she has shown me what it looks like to take radical responsibility for the process and procedure and outcomes of my business.

Amanda with Sky Oro

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