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Implement This: A peek into my whole framework for creating scalable systems that aren't reliant on

This last week, I wrote an article that gives away the whole framework I walk my clients through as I help them create a business that isn't reliant on doing all the things.

My article dives deep into the 4-part blueprint for creating systems that scale in your business and it's just one of the 20 articles included in the Girls Grow Together Guide.

It's only $25 and available until September 20th.

Just knowing and implementing parts of this framework can take you from solopreneur to stress-free CEO.

Here's a peek into the first part of my article:

The steps for building these scalable systems can be broken down into having the right Focus, People, Processes, and Routines.

All four components have to be running correctly in order to function without you.

One way to visualize this is to think of your business like an airline. Without systems in place and everyone working to load the bags, check in the passengers, and fly the plane, there would be no flight.

In this guide, I'm going to walk you through how to get your business off the ground and soaring in the air, while you stay in the cockpit.

The first component is Focus.

The key to creating focus is understanding the Main Thing in your business and the Needle Mover for each role.

The Main Thing is the one thing that moves the needle the most in your business. It should be specific, and easy to communicate and create SMART goals around.

Some examples of the Main Thing might be getting qualified leads through growing a Facebook group, helping your clients obtain results to get referrals, nurturing your current email list for the next launch, creating team ROI by getting the right people in the right roles, creating and launching a new evergreen webinar to get people into your membership, etc.

It’s important to remember that you can only have one Main Thing at any given time, but your Main Thing might change depending on the season your business is in.

Running a business is kind of like shoving an octopus into a box (while in mid-flight), there are always legs flopping out, so don’t expect to get all eight legs in at any one time. Just focus on the leg that will move the needle most.

Back to the airline analogy, your business may have multiple flights to accomplish but the airplane can only have one destination at a time. Choose the most important destination for now.

Next, identify the Needle Mover for each role through the lens of the Main Thing Filter. This is the one thing that moves the needle most for each role.

For example, if the Main Thing right now is growing through sharing client success stories, your Needle Mover might be creating client results, your community manager’s Needle Mover might be encouraging customers to share their success, your VA’s Needle Mover might be collecting and organizing success stories, and your social media manager’s Needle Mover might be sharing the client’s stories on social.

Creating Needle Movers in alignment with the Main Thing will lead to massive ROI (return on investment) for each role and have each flight focused on a single destination.

This leads directly to the second component, which I'll go over next week: Ensuring the right people are in the right roles working on the right things.

And hey, if you're still reading this and with me, you'll enjoy reading the whole article I wrote for the Girl's Grow Together Guide.

It's available until September 20th for only $25.

I'm rooting for you, Summer


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