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Implement This: Systems are a gift to your future self

I'm in the middle of a big move. 😫

Selling furniture, donating clothes, packing boxes, signing leases, cleaning places, arranging travel, and hosting events to say goodbye to friends... We all know that there is so much to do during a big move and I'm deep in the middle of it.

And I'll be honest with you, I haven't wanted to work much. I love my clients, love the relationships I'm building with my people, and love what I do - but the impending move is taking the majority of my time, money, and energy.

I just don't have much left to dedicate to my business right now.

But lucky for me, I've built systems to support my business when I can't give it my full attention.

✅ Just today my newsletter got sent out automatically because I'd batched the writing and scheduling in advance. Reminders automatically went out to my clients about the main thing and ways I could support them. My VA sent invoice reminders and gifts to new clients and responded to my emails. I got on my LEADER dashboard and knew what my highest priority tasks are and checked my Relationship CRM to know exactly who I needed to follow up with. I had an automated Accountability Check-In emailed to me VIA Airtable so I remember to stay out of the weeds and determine what to eliminate, automate, and delegate. My workflows sent links and reminders to new call sign-ups and subscribers. And I even have scheduled posts on social that went live.

☝️ Intentionally assessing my business helps keep the Main Thing the main thing and eliminate the things that don't move the needle, which takes so much off my plate.

✌️ Automating repeatable tasks and reminders feels like a massive chunk of my brain has been unloaded.

👉 And delegating the things that are not in my zone of genius and joy is a GAME CHANGER for me staying in a place of high energy and productivity.

📈 I call my systems gifts to my future self. Having systems in place help me consistently eliminate, automate, and delegate anything that doesn't move the needle or that is not in my zone of genius and joy has taken so much pressure off me doing it all and not being able to take time off when I need to.

What can you create today that would be a gift to your future self?

Implement this and let me know how it goes,



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