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Create clarity and inspiration every team meeting with this simple agenda

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

If you have anyone working with you on a regular basis, I recommend meeting with them for a call every month at the minimum and following a set agenda. I meet with my VA every Monday morning, and she leads the meeting using this simple agenda:

Check-in + Core Value Shout Outs (5 minutes)

  • Each member of the team checks in - biz and/or personal.

Scorecard (5 minutes) The metrics that move the needle

  • Metric 1 -

  • Metric 2 -

  • Metric 3 -

Upcoming Events or Announcements (5 minutes)

  • Headline 1

  • Headline 2

To-do list from last meeting (5 minutes) Include assignees, details, priorities, and deadlines

  • To do

Issues + Bottlenecks: prioritize, discuss, solve, and add to-dos (30 minutes)

  • Issue 1

  • Issue 2

  • Issue 3

Wrap up (5 minutes)

  • Recap the to-dos

  • Discuss cascading messages (anything to discuss with anyone else on the team?)

  • Each person rates the meeting on a scale of 1-10

🔥 Tips to make it even better: • You can do this in a 1-1 meeting, or with your whole team. Adjust it to make it work for you and your team. • Make sure someone is keeping time so you don't get off track and can prioritize things based on limited time. • It's important that someone moves the last meeting agenda to the next so tasks and projects don't get dropped. • I recommend having someone send a call recap with the headlines, to-dos, issues, rating and cascading messages. • Decide who's keeping track of putting the to-dos on your project management software - does your VA do it for everyone, or is everyone responsible for doing it themselves. How soon after the meeting is this expected to happen? • It's important to have your meetings be time based so that you don't get off track, and so that you respect your team's time. • I like doing core value shout outs (from you and others in the team) to keep core values top of mind. • I also recommend rating the meeting at the end so you can hear from your team and make improvements. • To keep the to-do list clean, I wouldn't include the obvious repeatable tasks, instead I would keep them relevant to what is important right now, usually based on the issues list. • For each task and project, make sure you include the owner of the task, details, priority, and deadline.

💡 Why the agenda is important: Having a set agenda will help your team remain clear and focused on the tasks that move the needle in your business, give you a birds eye view of the projects happening and progress being made, and ensure you don't have to micromanage. Doesn't that sound nice?

Try it out and let me know how it goes.

Here's to you getting Time Rich, Summer

👉 PS. Want to get crystal clear about what systems in your business are holding you back? Take this quick Systems Audit for a no BS look at your systems.


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