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Create a Process (in less than 10 minutes)

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Implement This: Create a Process (in less than 10 minutes)

There are three basic things that need to be documented in your business to ensure consistency and simplicity:

  1. Your Core Processes (HR, Sales, Operations, Etc)

  2. Project Processes (multiple steps, multiple days, or multiple people)

  3. Task Overviews (one task, a 5 minute or less video overview)

  4. Each of these can be written or recorded in about 10 minutes, or less.

Watch this quick Loom Video where I walk you through how to do this for each one!

Feel free to speed it up or pause it and take a screenshot, if needed.

But remember, either implement this right now in just a few minutes or trash this email if it's not relevant to you right now.

​We're not into just-in-case learning, we're into taking action right now.

Here's to you getting Time Rich,

Summer and The Time Rich Team


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