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Now Booking New Clients for February 2023

2023 is the year you get TIME RICH.

Work Less, Make More.

Strategically eliminate, automate, and delegate the tasks that are not in your Zone of Genius and Joy using The Time Rich Method.


Are you ready?










Time Rich Method Proven Process

How we can help move you from the do-it-all entrepreneur, to the do-the-right things entrepreneur


Discovery Call

First we jump on a 45 minute discovery call to talk about your business and bottlenecks, and how we can help.


Business Audit

Then, we have you take a thorough business audit so we can see where you are and create a custom road map for your needs.


Working Together

Whether you chose the VIP day to focus on removing the biggest bottleneck in just one day, or if you chose to do the 3 month efficiency bootcamp, we'll create a custom road map for your needs and walk you through the Time Rich Method to streamline your business.


Want to solve your biggest operational bottleneck in just one 6-hour call? This is for you. During our initial discovery call, we'll determine the best deliverable for your VIP day, whether it's identifying and documenting processes, creating the accountability chart or role specifics for your team, putting the right routines on the calendar, writing and determining your metrics, creating a VA hiring process, or a combination of many things - we'll get your biggest bottleneck removed in just one day.

Paul's VIP Day Experience:

"Working with Summer was phenomenal. To be honest, I was pretty nervous about letting someone in and kind of taking a look under the hood. it was pretty clear right away that she had some, some good thoughts on how we might be able to reprioritize things. We spent a day and met and went over basically everything I do and what really my main focus could and should be moving forward that I’m working on.
And then what things can we delegate or even automate or eliminate moving forward. And so now I feel more of a sense of clarity and focus on what I’m doing day-to-day than I have in a long time. And she helped me go through the process of hiring a virtual assistant,  I feel so much momentum moving forward and just feel really grateful for the time I spent with Summer."
- Paul Osincup

3 Month Efficiency Bootcamp

Want to build the muscles for efficiency in your business? This is for you. Think of us as your personal trainers for ongoing efficiency. We'll create a customized road map for your operational pain points, and meet each week to help you build the muscles for strategic elimination, automation, and delegation. By the end of our 3 months together, you will be in your Zone of Genius and Joy.

Donna's Bootcamp Experience:

"Summer has a process by which she works - that is strategic as well as organized. Our goal is to simplify and scale…and Summer is helping us do that necessary ground work to make that a reality. She has our best interests at heart helping my biz partner and I conserve our creative energy to do the work that will move the needle forward in the business, and is really a joy to work with. When she told me she had an opening in November, I jumped at the chance to have her help me in my other businesses as well. You won’t regret working with her. "
​- Donna with Drama Club Mama

What We Offer

Book a Call with Summer

Book your free 45-minute Discovery Call with Summer to see if The Time Rich Method is right for your business.

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"I can now stay in my zone of genius and focus on serving my clients in the ways that I want to."

- Jenny Watzka with Slay $10k

What are you waiting for?


The Time Rich

Who we are and what we believe

We believe in helping entrepreneurs create freedom by removing complexity in their businesses through strategic elimination, automation, and delegation.

The cure to overwhelm is simple: Identify and document the processes in your business, ensure the right people are in the right seats, and follow the routines that will keep you accountable.

And we'll help you do it.


The Time Rich Method

  • What would your business feel like if you knew you were spending the majority of your time moving the needle?

  • If all your systems were running smoothly?

  • All of your processes were identified, documented, and followed by all?

  • You had all the right people in the right seats, working on the right things?

  • And you had weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly rhythms in place?

It's possible to remove the duct tape from your business and spend your time doing what you're best at. And it's easier than you think.

In just 3 months, we can get your business running smoothly. And in just one day, we can remove your biggest bottleneck.

How would that feel?

Is it worth a call to find out?

Client Collage.png


Our Core Values

The values we use to determine how we work & who we work with.

Be a Nice Human 

Have integrity and spread joy and kindness with each interaction. Cultivate patience and compassion for others. Act in the best interest of those around you and trust that others will do the same.

Be Time Rich

Be relentless in your boundaries. Chose how you want to spend your time and select the activities that are most effective so you can spend your time doing what you love most with who you love most. Be intentional about how you’re spending your time so you can make the most of this precious commodity.

Do less things, better

Chose the 1% things that really move the needle and run each decision through a filter to ensure that each thing is the most simple and effective thing we can do.

Stay in Your Zone of Genius and Joy

Know what you’re gifted at and what lights you up and do more of those things. Eliminate, automate, and delegate the rest as often as possible. Stay intentional about how you’re spending your time.

Trust the Process

Know that you can trust that things will evolve how they're supposed to. Trust that if you act in alignment with your values and focus on service, you will be taken care of and provided for.



After over a decade working with visionaries as an executive assistant and head of operations, Summer realized that many entrepreneurs struggle with the same thing: They can't focus on flying the plane because they're too busy serving the coffee.

Summer developed The Time Rich Method as a way to help entrepreneurs identify how they are spending their time and determine easy ways to eliminate, automate, and delegate tasks to keep them in their Zone of Genius and Joy.

Become one of the many entrepreneurs who have saved hundreds of hours and delegated dozens of tasks by using The Time Rich Method.

But don't take our word for it, we love sharing stories of transformation from our incredible clients!

Nathania Stambouli with Yogi Flight School

"We went from 'winging it' to a 'real company!' in just 3 months with Summer’s help. I highly recommend her for any company looking to streamline, automate and create processes, or that needs clarity around their team structure, team communication and handling different personalities in the workplace.
Summer is a gem, she’s fast, she cares and you FEEL IT!"

Michelle Sandler with Shell Creative

"She has been incredible with helping me really stay focused on the main things... It's been a game changer for me. She was very professional. She did things when she said she was going to, she stayed on task and she helped me get on task, and she helped me clarify things that were really important to me. Best hire. So worth it."
Michelle Sandler.jpeg

Jerry Potter with Five Minute Social Media

"Entrepreneurs, even wildly successful ones, have many blind spots in our businesses. Summer helped us quickly start identifying them, and this one talk pivoted the way I approach my business. I'm looking forward to all the growth that will come from this!"
Jerry Potter.jpeg
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