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Start Your Quarter with Clarity and Momentum with a Simple Check In

As this is the first Tuesday of the new quarter, I recommend asking yourself the following questions about the last quarter to jump into the new quarter with clarity and momentum:

  1. What was my profit last quarter?

  2. Was it on-track or off-track from my profit goals?

  3. What are my profit goals for this next quarter?

  4. What went right last quarter? What am I celebrating?

  5. What could have gone better?

  6. Did I accomplish the main goals I set for last quarter?

  7. What needs to be moved to this quarter?

  8. What are my top 3 projects this next quarter?

  9. What projects or tasks can I eliminate, automate, or delegate this quarter?

  10. What do I want to be celebrating this time next quarter?

Write out your answers and keep the document handy so you can pull it up next quarter when I ask you to do the same exercise.

Want a more thorough check in about what systems in your business are holding you back this quarter? Take this quick Systems Audit for a no BS look at your systems.

Try it out and let me know how it goes! Happy Second Quarter!

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