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Implement This: Work 25 Hours or Less Every Week (While Still Scaling)

When I started my business, I only had two goals: Make more than I've ever made, while working less than 25 hours per week. And I did it. In the last year of helping entrepreneurs create better focus and systems within their businesses, I've realized that most of you are also looking for the same thing: Work less, make more.

So I recently started offering free calls to help people craft their 25-hour workweek (want one? See if there's a spot available).

I wanted to go over my method with you so you can start crafting your work week, even if you don't have time to jump on a call (Implement This and you soon will!)

It's pretty simple, actually.

Here's the key:

🔑 Determine your Main Thing + Prioritize High-Value Activities.

Here are 4 simple steps:

1. Figure out the Main Thing that will generate the most impact on your business. This is the one thing that will solve your biggest pain point or create the most impact. Often, this is related to revenue generation and business growth.

At first, don't figure out the how. Figure out the what. What is the Main Thing?

2. Make sure that your Main Thing is specific and is the actual ROOT Main Thing and not a symptom of the real Main Thing. Often times this means asking "Why" of your initial Main Thing until you get to the root. Ie. "Spend less time in my email" "Get out of the weeds" becomes "Get $10k recurring revenue each month" or "Work less than 25 hours a week".

Now we focus on the How.

3. Determine the highest-value activities (HVA) that will get you to that Main Thing.

Here's my own example: My main thing right now is having $10k monthly recurring revenue. The HVA for me to get clients is lead calls. So I need to get more lead calls. To get those calls, the HVA would be to follow up with my list, speak at Masterminds, and attend networking events. So now I know I need to spend the majority of my time on these three HVA.

4. Spend the majority of your time, money, and energy on the high-value activities that directly contribute to the Main Thing.

💡 Why this is important: Focusing on high-value tasks will help you maximize your productivity and income potential within your limited work hours.
Next week, I'll go into 4 action items you can implement to work less + make more once you've figured out your Main Thing.

Want to jump on a free call so I can help you determine your high-value tasks or answer questions or bottlenecks that come up? Get on my calendar.

Implement this and let me how it goes,



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