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Implement This: How to Stop Losing Track of the Main Thing

I want to share something a bit personal with you because I think it might help you get in touch with your Main Thing.

Recently, I’ve lost track of my Main Thing.

I want to create a podcast... but I also need to focus on lead generation - wait what’s my social media strategy? Am I giving my VA enough tasks? How can I speak to more groups? Why don’t I have enough income coming in this month? How do I get more lead calls? Did I work too much last week? My house is a mess. I should write a book. Maybe I do want to be a Cycle Coach. Should I buy a new car? I should promote that new podcast I just launched for fun. Should I start a book club? All I want to do is sit on my couch and read!

Literally, these are all the thoughts that just came into my head when I tried to think about what I should focus on for the week ahead.

It’s especially hard in Luteal - the week before my bleed. When my brain is most mushy, scattered, and insecure.

I’ve lost track of how I should most effectively be spending my time, money, and energy.

So it’s time to slow down.

I took a deep breath and got a clean piece of paper and I asked myself - what is my biggest pain point?

Increasing my income.

What is the main thing that I need to do to increase that?

Get more people on calls.


Through speaking to more people through workshops + talks + networking.

So now I know that 50+% of my effort should be spent on getting or doing talks or networking.

Now comes the hard part of focusing on that and minimizing or back burner-ing everything else.

But that’s the work required to stay the course and keep moving the needle in my business.

What is Your Main Thing? Are you spending the majority of your time, money, and energy moving the needle on that Main Thing?

💡 Why this is important: The Main Thing is the one thing that would solve the biggest pain point you have or create the most impact in your business (and in your life). If you consistently determine and spend the majority of your time, energy, and money on the Main Thing, you can solve your biggest pain points, reduce your overwhelm, and create the focus and momentum you're looking for in your business.

How are you keeping the Main Thing the main thing?

Here's to you getting Time Rich, Summer


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