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💥 Implement This: 6 Ways to Trick Your Brain Into Productivity 💥

I won't lie to you, I am not a fan of most "Productivity Hacks" because 1) they make me feel like I'm a Human Doing instead of a Human Being and 2) they often miss the Main Thing, which in my opinion is knowing your Main Thing. So you end up being productive on all the wrong things and getting further into the weeds. Being productive is often synonymous with being busy when really it should be focused on moving the needle.

That being said, I had the honor of being on Jerry Potter's "6 Ways" podcast this last week and we talked about 6 Ways to Trick Your Brain Into Productivity which actually focuses on keeping the Main Thing the main thing.

I'll go in-depth about my 3 ways, but if you want to hear from the brilliant Jerry Potter (who has some really great tips!), I encourage you to listen to the full episode here:


#1: Prioritize. This will come as no surprise to my Time Rich LEADERS out there. If you want to be more productive, you have to have clarity on what you actually want to be productive on. I like to do two things. First, I think about my biggest pain point. If I'm not getting enough income, my Main Thing needs to be lead generation or client conversion. If I'm stuck doing it all or my processes are a mess, I need to focus on creating better systems. For prioritizing tasks, I love to use the Eisenhower Matrix to decide what is important and urgent. Then I focus on those tasks that are in alignment with my Main Thing and are both important and urgent. My Main Thing this month is getting people on Free Focus Calls (want one? sign up!)

#2: Body Double. Jerry thinks this sounds illegal and it's so effective that maybe it should be. This is basically an energy exchange with another human that creates external accountability. Here's how I like to do it: I ask a friend if they want to jump on a call just to be held accountable to get something knocked off their to-do list. If they say they're available, we jump on a Zoom call, say hello, then immediately set our intention for what we want to cross off our list, then agree on a time (usually about 30 mins). Then we MUTE our mics, and work on our thing. When the timer goes off, we reconvene and can set another intention and timer if we want. It's SO effective, I actually started offering it as part of my ongoing support and accountability offer.

#3: Sync with your Cycle. This one is primarily for people who bleed. We naturally have rhythms in our cycle that impact everything from how much energy we have to how clearly we can express our thoughts, how scattered we are, what foods we gravitate towards, and so much more (this podcast episode changed my life). Knowing where you are in your cycle and how it impacts you is the ultimate productivity hack. Even if you don't bleed, knowing your body and times and days when you are most productive, and working with your natural rhythms instead of against them is so important.

Which productivity hack resonated with you the most? Which one are you going to implement right now?

💡 Why this is important: Figuring out which productivity hacks work best for your body and your brain will help you focus on moving the needle in your business so you can work less and make more.

I'd love to hear how you're going to Implement This this week.

Here's to you getting Time Rich, Summer


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