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Implement This: How I made more than I ever have by working less than I've ever worked

Work expands to the time you allot it.

When I started my business, I only had two goals: Work less than I've ever worked and make more than I've ever made.

I decided that I wanted to work a maximum of 25 hours a week and I wanted to build a business that was sustainable and scalable.

So I filled up my 25 hours with high-priority tasks.

I didn't need a website or a social media following. I needed money and to use the skills I had. So I asked around and I got my first client. Then my second (shout out to Jamie Bright for always being my biggest cheerleader).

I couldn't afford to waste my time researching too much. I couldn't afford to waste my time on too much ideation or scrolling or emailing back and forth, or unnecessary calls. So I didn't.

I had to say no to anything that wouldn't move the needle.

I had to find automations that would do the repeatable tasks for me.

And then I found that I couldn't afford to do it all myself. I had to hire someone and delegate (shout out to my amazing VA, Nayab).

I had no idea that I was creating a method and that I would teach it to others.

I was just acting in a proactive, intentional, and systematic way for the first time and it was working.

I was seeing the results.

That year, I made more than I ever had while working less than I ever have.

Because I chose to fit all of my work into 25 hours, I created what I now call an "Efficiency Squeeze".

I was forced to prioritize, eliminate, automate, and delegate.

Imagine what would happen if you did the same.

Here is my 25-hour workweek calendar template, if you want to commit to one week of working 25 hours and see how it creates more focus and ease in your business.

Implement this and let me know how it goes, Summer


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