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Get the right people in the right roles, working on the right things

There's a problem in most organizations, often one or more of these are true:

  1. Everyone is expected to wear multiple hats - but the hats are not defined.

  2. There isn't enough time to complete everything.

  3. There are too many priorities.

  4. There are empty roles that need to be filled.

  5. The focus has been on the people in the organization, not the roles.

  6. People, roles, and responsibilities are not consistently reviewed.

  7. There is confusion about who is in charge of each task or project.

Does that sound familiar?

What would it feel like if these were true instead:

  1. People are clear about their priorities.

  2. Everyone has the understanding and time to do everything on their plate.

  3. There is a clear focus on the tasks and projects that need to be done.

  4. There is only one owner for each task and project.

  5. Expectations are created for each role based on the top priorities.

  6. Everyone understands the capacity of everyone on the team.

  7. The people, responsibilities, and roles are consistently evaluated.

The solution? An effective and clear method for assessing all of the roles, responsibilities, and people on your team.

This technique will help you understand why your team is frustrated and overwhelmed and how to get the train back on track so they can get clear and excited again.

If you're a solopreneur, work with agencies, or have a tiny team this is especially important for you.

This will help you see all the roles you (or your tiny team) are filling and which ones are the priority to hire for or delegate out.

And the best part is that this training is only 15 minutes and has no pitch or sign-up required. Access it here.

💡 Creating systems is easy to put off when you’re living in the weeds, but ironically creating effective systems will get you out of the weeds.

Take the time to watch the training, and let me know how it goes.

Here's to you getting Time Rich, Summer

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