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Fuel Your Business with An Integrator

Jerry Potter

Are you still trying to “do it all” in your business,
even with your small team?

Jerry Potter

With an Integrator on your team, you get to focus on the big ideas, culture, and key relationships - the "what" and "why" of the business and the integrator makes sure the vision is executed with the right people and processes in place. They get the "who" and the "how".


They love doing everything (most) visionaries struggle to enjoy - project management, following through, hiring, onboarding, and managing people, keeping track of the moving details, and following routines.
They enjoy slowing down and understanding the exact process for how something can get done - all the steps, then creating a timeline and getting everything checked off the list until the project is complete.


In this 45-minute talk, see how you can have an integrator:

- Run the day-to-day of your business (so you don’t have to)

- Free up your time and bandwidth so you can focus on the “big picture” stuff you love

- Keep the team moving forward and accountable so you reach your goals


By the end of this Masterclass, you’ll know how to find the perfect integrator for your business!

Ready to get your time back, while your business runs more efficiently?

If you’re like most online businesses, you’re missing a key team member: an integrator.

This is the “missing link” you’ve been looking for, so your team actually gets things done!

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What is an Integrator?


Are you ready to hire someone to execute, implement, and oversee?

What We Cover

  • Visionary Challenges

  • What you can delegate

  • The Integrator DNA

  • Who needs an integrator

  • When to hire one

  • How much they cost

  • Where to find one

  • The onboarding process

  • The organization chart

  • Common challenges

  • Next steps


  • Download the slides

  • Get access to the Time Rich Systems Assessment

By the end of this talk, you’ll know how to find the perfect integrator for your business!

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Summer's Story

Starting out at 18 as an executive assistant, I learned the ropes by saying 'yes' to pretty much anything that came my way. Over time, I shifted into marketing, management, and operations roles, gaining experience in strategy and project management.


In 2017, I stumbled into the world of online entrepreneurship while working with Stu McLaren (THE membership guy). Then, I spent two years with the brilliant Jamie Bright, where I really got into the nitty-gritty of operations and systems.

Fast forward to 2021, and I decided to launch my own consulting company. My focus is helping Visionaries and Integrators team up effectively and offering system support to Visionaries. I've worked with quite a few companies, and my Main Thing is making sure the experts can stay in their element while their team handles the rest.

My passion is to help Visionaries stay in their Zone of Genius and Joy and Eliminate, Automate, and Delegate the rest.

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